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Nov. 21st 1 – 2 EST - LIVE Webcast | Legalization of Marijuana

In the past few years, Canadian laws have been adapted to allow for the use of medicinal marijuana to treat a variety of chronic and acute health conditions. As a result, Canadian employers have also had to adapt, and the accommodation of medical marijuana continues to be an emerging issue facing workplaces. In the wake of such a significant change to the legal status of marijuana, it will be crucial for employers to recognize that there are different types of cannabis users, and that each one raises its own set of issues in the workplace.

December 16th - Star Wars | The Last Jedi

Join Ultimate Software and let us walk you through the darkness and show you why UltiPro is the hottest HCM solution on the market. You and your family are invited to a pre-show party followed by a viewing of “The Last Jedi” from the acclaimed Star Wars series. Join us December 16th and enjoy the fun!


Our 60-minute live webcasts are the perfect way to get an in-person overview of UltiPro to discover the key differentiators. Created with busy HR/payroll professionals in mind! Join us bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm ET.

“UltiPro has changed the way we work in all aspects. Everything is done within one platform, and it has truly changed our lives. Our operations are much more efficient and streamlined thanks to Ultimate Software."